What are Paranormal Cold Spots? Experienced Ghost Hunter Explains

What are Paranormal Cold Spots? An Experienced Ghost Hunter Explains

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Many people believe you can sense ghosts' presence by detecting temperature changes. These changes are often called "paranormal cold spots," where the temperature is significantly lower than the surrounding air.

The belief in paranormal cold spots has existed in ghost stories and is still prevalent among modern ghost hunters who use advanced equipment.

By definition, paranormal cold spots are sudden, unexplained drops in temperature, often associated with ghostly presences.

And since many beginner ghost hunters have asked about this topic, I’ve decided to write this short guide to paranormal cold spots, exploring their bizarre nature, occurrence, detection, and interpretation from the perspective of a seasoned ghost hunter.

What are Paranormal Cold Spots?

As mentioned above, paranormal cold spots are localized areas where the temperature significantly drops, often linked to the existence of a ghost or spirit nearby. 

However, these cold spots are usually fleeting, lasting only a few moments before the temperature returns to normal. 

As for where they happen, these events are most commonly reported in known haunted locations and during paranormal investigations. The sudden chill can be felt on the skin; in some cases, these cold spots can be measured using thermal imaging equipment or infrared thermometers.

Now, for all ghost hunters out there, paranormal cold spots are considered a significant piece of evidence since these manifestations are not just a figment of the imagination or a trick of the mind. 

They are tangible, measurable, and often accompany other paranormal phenomena. 

As a ghost hunter, I have encountered numerous cold spots during investigations, and each experience has been as chilling as it has been fascinating.

In fact, it is not uncommon to experience sudden changes in temperature, along with feelings of discomfort or fear during a paranormal investigation. 

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In some cases, these occurrences may even trigger physical reactions such as goosebumps or a shiver that runs down one’s back.

Some people have reported feeling like they’ve walked into a refrigerator, while others describe it as a cold wind blowing through them. 

These experiences can vary greatly from person to person, but the common thread is the sudden, unexplained drop in temperature.

Paranormal cold spots thermal camera
Thermal cameras visualize temperature variations, highlighting cold spots as distinct areas of lower temperature, potentially indicating paranormal activity.

When Do Paranormal Cold Spots Occur?

During ghost hunts or investigations into reported hauntings, people often feel a sudden temperature drop in specific locations. 

These so-called paranormal cold spots seem to appear in places with a history of paranormal activity or where something traumatic has happened. 

Interestingly, they often occur at the same time as other unexplained phenomena, like seeing ghosts, hearing strange noises, or feeling like someone is watching you.

For instance, during one investigation years ago at an old, abandoned hospital about 35 miles outside of Zagreb, Croatia, I distinctly remember walking into a room and being hit by a sudden, icy chill. 

The rest of the building was relatively warm since my investigation happened in mid-May, but this one room was inexplicably cold. 

As I moved around, the cold spot seemed to follow, as if it had a life of its own. It was one of the most exciting experiences in my entire ghost-hunting career and solidified my belief in these paranormal cold spots.

However, the connection between paranormal activities and these cold spots is a topic of much debate. 

Some believe that the paranormal cold spots result from a spirit or entity drawing energy from the environment to manifest itself, while others suggest that they may be a form of communication from the other side.

Why Do Paranormal Cold Spots Happen?

Theories abound as to why paranormal cold spots occur. Some colleagues propose that when a spirit manifests itself, it draws on the energy in its surroundings, causing a drop in temperature. 

This theory, often called the “energy conservation theory,” indicates that the energy required for a ghost to manifest or interact with the physical world results in a noticeable temperature drop.

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From a scientific perspective, skeptics argue that these cold spots can be attributed to natural causes such as drafts, dampness, or variations in the building’s structure. 

I also agree with this explanation, up to a point. For instance, this theory falls short when a paranormal cold spot suddenly manifests in a closed room. 

When a massive drop in temperature happens, while the outside temperature remains unchanged, the more likely explanation is something paranormal. 

As a ghost hunter, I lean towards the energy conservation theory. I’ve noticed that cold spots often occur when there’s a high level of paranormal activity. 

It’s as if the spirits draw energy from their surroundings to communicate or manifest, resulting in these paranormal cold spots

However, it’s essential to approach each investigation with an open mind. While the energy conservation theory might explain some instances of cold spots, it might not apply to all. Each case is unique and requires careful observation and analysis.

How to detect paranormal cold spots
A paranormal cold spot could signify a spirit’s presence or attempt to manifest or communicate.

Detecting Paranormal Cold Spots

Professional ghost hunters use various tools to detect and document paranormal cold spots. 

Infrared thermometers and thermal imaging cameras are commonly used to measure temperature variations in a location. With this type of equipment, investigators can easily capture real-time temperature data, allowing them to identify and track cold spots as they occur.

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During investigations, I always have my infrared thermometer at the ready. Seeing the temperature drop in real-time as you enter a cold spot is fascinating. It’s one thing to feel the chill, but it’s quite another to see the temperature drop on the thermometer.

Thermal imaging cameras are another invaluable tool. I use mine to visually represent the temperature variations in a room, making it easier to identify and track cold spots. 

I’ve seen cold spots appear as blue or purple areas on the thermal image, moving and changing in real-time.

I won’t go into too much detail here, but if you want to find out more about the equipment used by ghost hunters in their investigations, I have a whole article on that topic here: A Comprehensive Guide to Ghost Hunting Equipment: Everything You Need to Know about Paranormal Investigation Kits.

One last thing I want to mention here. 

The role of technology in modern paranormal investigations cannot be overstated. It provides objective, measurable data that can support or challenge personal experiences and anecdotes. 

While the feeling of a paranormal cold spot can be subjective, a sudden drop in temperature captured on a thermal imaging camera or infrared thermometer is hard to dispute.

Cold spots paranormal investigation
Investigators search for cold spots as they’re often associated with paranormal phenomena, providing tangible, measurable evidence of potential ghostly activity.

What Does a Paranormal Cold Spot Indicate?

So what exactly does a paranormal cold spot mean? 

For paranormal investigators, a cold spot is often interpreted as a sign of a ghostly presence. 

For many, such a manifestation may indicate a spirit attempting to manifest itself or interact with the physical world. 

Other colleagues of mine believe that these temperature drops could be a form of communication from the other side. 

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However, interpretations can vary widely, and the true meaning of a paranormal cold spot is debated and speculated.

But from my experiences as a paranormal investigator, I’ve learned that cold spots often coincide with other paranormal phenomena. 

For instance, during an investigation, I encountered a significant cold spot in the main hallway of an alleged haunted house. 

At the same time, my EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) recorder picked up an unexplained voice, and the motion sensors were triggered with no one nearby. This led me to believe that the paranormal cold spot was indeed a sign of a paranormal presence.

In another case I worked with a team of ghost hunters from Lisbon, Portugal, a cold spot seemed to respond to our questions during an EVP session, growing colder with each question asked. 

The consensus among the team was that the cold spot was a form of communication from the spirit. Or simply saying the entity was trying to communicate with us.

When it comes to investigating paranormal activity, it’s best to keep an open mind and approach things with a healthy dose of skepticism. 

While it can be tempting to jump to conclusions, a skilled ghost hunter knows that not every cold spot or strange noise is necessarily a sign of the supernatural. 

It’s important to rule out any natural causes and gather as much evidence as possible before making any conclusions. And, of course, it’s always good to be aware of any pranks or hoaxes that may come your way in this line of work.

In the end, the interpretation of a paranormal cold spot often comes down to the specific circumstances of the investigation and the other evidence collected.