The Snedeker House Haunting: Real Poltergeist or Hoax?

The Snedeker House Haunting: Real Poltergeist or Hoax?

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Nestled in the tranquil town of Southington, Connecticut, an unassuming house hides a bone-chilling secret. This home, known as the Snedeker House, has been the epicenter of one of the most notorious and hotly debated hauntings in the annals of American history. 

Once a funeral home, this seemingly ordinary residence morphed into a stage for a series of paranormal events that forever altered the lives of the Snedeker family.

An Introduction to the Snedeker House Haunting Case

Imagine, if you will, the Snedekers – a quintessential American family, moving into this house in the 1980s. Unbeknownst to them, a terrifying journey awaited. 

Carmen Snedeker, the family’s matriarch, her husband Allen, and their four children were initially attracted to the house due to its convenient location near the hospital where their eldest son, Matt, was battling cancer. 

Little did they know, their decision to move into the house would catapult them into a realm of the supernatural that few dare to tread.

At first, life in their new home was uneventful for the Snedekers. However, a series of inexplicable and spine-chilling incidents unfolded as they settled in. 

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Matt, their eldest son, was the first to cross paths with paranormal activities. His experiences, ranging from seeing apparitions to enduring horrifying visions, were nothing short of terrifying. 

Soon, similar phenomena began to plague the rest of the family, leading them to the chilling realization that their house was haunted.

The Snedeker family’s experiences in the house have sparked numerous investigations, ignited debates, and inspired media adaptations. 

Their story has piqued the interest of paranormal enthusiasts and skeptics alike, giving rise to many opinions and theories about the events that transpired in the house. 

Ultimately, the Snedeker House haunting remains a captivating enigma.

The Snedeker Family and Their Haunted House

The Snedeker family, consisting of Carmen and Allen Snedeker, their daughter, and three young sons, moved into the house in Southington, Connecticut, in the mid-1980s. 

At that time, the family was already grappling with the harsh reality of their eldest son, Matt’s, battle with cancer. 

For them, the house’s proximity to the hospital where Matt was receiving treatment was a significant factor in their decision to move in. But little did they know that their new home would soon become a battleground of a different kind.

Snedeker House haunting
Once a funeral home, Snedeker House harbored a dark history of alleged necromancy practices, adding an eerie layer to the paranormal events experienced by the Snedeker family.

A Beautiful House with a Dark Past

The Snedeker House itself was a charming, old-fashioned structure that bore the quiet dignity of its years. 

However, its history was far from ordinary. 

Before it became a residential property, the house was a funeral home, a detail the Snedekers were initially unaware of. 

That was until they discovered that the basement, which the previous owners used for embalming, still housed the remnants of its past, including the old mortician’s tools and equipment. 

This grim discovery marked the beginning of the family’s unsettling experiences in the house.

The very few days after moving in were uneventful for the Snedekers. However, as they settled in, the family began to notice strange occurrences. 

Matt, who had chosen the basement as his room, was the first to experience the signs of paranormal activities as he reported seeing mysterious shades and experiencing terrifying dreams. 

His already fragile health, compromised by his unforgiving illness, began deteriorating further, adding to the family’s concerns.

The First Signs of Haunting

Not long after Matt’s troubling experiences, the rest of the family started encountering similar phenomena. 

Carmen and Allen reported feeling a constant sense of unease in the house. They would often hear unexplained noises, feel sudden drops in temperature, and even witness objects moving on their own. 

The younger children also reported seeing strange figures and hearing voices. 

Soon, the manifestations became so unsettling that the whole family’s life turned into a living nightmare, with each day bringing new fears and unexplained events.

Despite the frightening incidents, the family decided to remain in the house, primarily due to their financial constraints and Matt’s ongoing treatment. 

According to later interviews and reports, the Snedekers tried to cope with the situation as best as possible, hoping the unnatural occurrences were only temporary. 

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However, that was not the case and the paranormal activities intensified; the Snedekers realized they were dealing with something far beyond their understanding.

Furthermore, the Snedeker family’s experiences were not limited to the confines of their home. 

Eyewitness accounts from neighbors and visitors added to the credibility of their claims. Some reported a feeling of unease when near the house, while others claimed to have seen strange figures in the windows. A few even reported hearing unexplained noises coming from the house.

And as the word spread, the Snedeker House became synonymous with one of the most infamous hauntings in America.

Ed and Lorraine Warren inside their famous Occult Museum
Ed and Lorraine Warren are famous for investigating paranormal activities, including the Amityville Horror, Enfield Poltergeist, and the Borley Church poltergeist. During their long careers, the Warrens have allegedly encountered numerous malevolent entities and uncovered supernatural phenomena, such as the Snedeker House haunting.

An investigation by Ed and Lorraine Warren

Known for their extensive work investigating paranormal activities, Ed and Lorraine Warren have been involved in some of the most famous haunting cases, including the Amityville HorrorEnfield Poltergeist, the Perron family haunting, the Arne Johnson case, and the Borley Church poltergeist

When the Snedeker family’s experiences came to their attention, they quickly offered assistance.

Ed, a self-proclaimed demonologist, and Lorraine, a clairvoyant, had a unique approach to their investigations. 

They combined their individual abilities to understand and interpret the paranormal activities reported in a case. Their reputation for handling high-profile and complex cases made them the ideal choice for investigating the Snedeker House haunting.

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Upon arriving at the house, the Warrens began their investigation by interviewing the family members and documenting their experiences. 

They conducted several sessions in the house, often at night, to witness and document the paranormal activities reported by the family. With her clairvoyant abilities, Lorraine attempted to communicate with the entities believed to be haunting the place.

The Warrens’ investigation of the Snedeker House led to some chilling discoveries. 

“Multiple Malevolent Entities, Possible Demonic in Nature”

According to the two paranormal investigators, they experienced several of the phenomena reported by the family, including the sudden drop in temperature, the foul smell, and even the apparitions. 

Lorraine’s sessions reportedly revealed the presence of multiple entities in the house, some of whom were believed to be the spirits of the people whose bodies were embalmed in the house when it was a funeral home.

According to the Warrens, the Snedeker House was plagued by multiple malevolent entities, concluding that the strange occurrences were not coincidences, but rather deliberate attacks by these entities on the family. 

The extreme and specific nature of the events led them to believe that the infestation was severe and demonic in nature.

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However, the Warrens’ discoveries were met with mixed reactions. 

While some found their conclusions convincing, others questioned the authenticity of their claims. Despite the skepticism, the Warrens stood by their findings and continued to support the Snedeker family.

In the next part of this article, I want to dive a bit deeper into the public reaction to the Snedeker House haunting and the controversies that arose from the family’s claims and the Warrens’ investigation.

The Haunting in Connecticut
“The Haunting in Connecticut” movie features Sara (played by Virginia Madsen) and Matt (played by Kyle Gallner). The plot revolves around the Snedeker family’s experience after renting an old house in 1986, which unbeknownst to them, had previously served as a funeral parlor. Image credit: Lionsgate Studios.

Public Reaction and Controversies

The Snedeker House haunting story, with its chilling details and the involvement of renowned paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren, quickly caught the public’s attention. The reactions, however, were as diverse as they were intense.

Real Haunting of Hoax?

Many were captivated by the family’s experiences, their interest fueled by the terrifying nature of the events and the credibility lent by the Warrens’ investigation. 

The house became a point of fascination, drawing paranormal enthusiasts and curious onlookers alike. The media coverage, including a feature on the television show “A Haunting,” further amplified the public interest in the case.

However, the Snedeker House haunting had its share of controversies and debates. 

Skeptics questioned the authenticity of the events, pointing out inconsistencies in the family’s accounts and the lack of concrete evidence. 

Some even accused the family of fabricating the story for financial gain, while others criticized the Warrens’ methods and conclusions.

Ray Garton’s Accusations

The most significant controversy arose from the claims of Ray Garton, the author hired to write a book about the family’s experiences. 

Garton alleged that he found discrepancies in the family’s accounts during his interviews and that the Warrens instructed him to disregard these inconsistencies and “make it up” to create a more compelling story. 

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His allegations fueled the debates around the authenticity of the Snedeker House haunting.

But despite the skepticism and controversies, the Snedeker family stood by their claims. They maintained that their experiences were real and that they had no control over how others interpreted their story. 

Carmen Snedeker, in particular, was vocal in defending her family’s experiences, stating in interviews that they lived the horror every day and that no amount of skepticism could change what they went through.

The Snedeker House Today

Decades after the Snedeker family’s haunting experiences, the house in Southington, Connecticut, is a testament to one of American history’s most infamous paranormal cases. 

The house has changed hands several times since the Snedekers moved out, with each new owner bringing a fresh wave of interest and speculation.

Today, the place is not officially open to the public for visits, but that hasn’t stopped the curious and the brave from making a pilgrimage to this infamous site. 

And even years after the alleged haunting, visitors still report a feeling of unease and a chilling aura around the house, with some even claiming to have experienced paranormal phenomena similar to those reported by the Snedekers.

The Snedeker House haunting has left an indelible mark on the local community and culture. The story has been the subject of numerous books, documentaries, and even a Hollywood movie, “The Haunting in Connecticut.” 

Despite the controversies and debates, the tale continues to captivate and terrify, adding to the lore of the supernatural that permeates the town of Southington.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Snedeker House haunting? 

The Snedeker House haunting refers to a series of paranormal activities reported by the Snedeker family when they lived in a house in Southington, Connecticut, in the 1980s. The house was previously a funeral home.

Where is the Snedeker House located? 

The Snedeker House is located in Southington, Connecticut.

Who were the Snedeker family? 

The Snedeker family consisted of Carmen and Allen Snedeker and their four children. They moved into the house in the 1980s and reported experiencing paranormal activities.

What paranormal activities were reported at the Snedeker House? 

The family reported various poltergeist manifestations, including seeing apparitions, experiencing terrifying visions, feeling touched by unseen hands, and witnessing objects moving independently.

Are there any eyewitness accounts of the hauntings? 

Yes, several eyewitness accounts from neighbors and visitors reported feeling a sense of unease near the house and witnessing strange occurrences.

Have paranormal experts investigated the Snedeker House? 

The Snedeker House was investigated by renowned paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren, who concluded that the house was infested with demons.

Is the Snedeker House open to the public for visits? 

The house is not officially open to the public for visits, but it continues to draw interest from paranormal enthusiasts and curious onlookers.

What is the history behind the Snedeker House haunting? 

The Snedeker House was previously a funeral home. The Snedeker family moved into the house in the 1980s and began experiencing a series of paranormal activities, which they believed were caused by the spirits of the people whose bodies were embalmed in the house.

Is there any documented evidence of supernatural events? 

While the Snedeker family and the Warrens have shared their experiences and findings, there is no concrete scientific evidence to prove the existence of supernatural events. The case remains one of the most debated in the history of hauntings and poltergeist manifestations.