Old Epworth Rectory Haunting: The Bizarre Wesley Poltergeist

Old Epworth Rectory Haunting: The Bizarre ‘Wesley Poltergeist’

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One of the most famous cases in the annals of noisy hauntings and poltergeist phenomena is the one that targeted Reverend Samuel Wesley and his family in the Epworth Rectory in 1716.

In the year 1716, nestled in the heart of Epworth, Lincolnshire, the Old Rectory, a Queen Anne-style building, stood as a testament to architectural grandeur and historical significance. 

It was more than just a building; it was a home to the Wesley family. Reverend Samuel Wesley, his wife Susanna, and their 19 children led a peaceful life within the walls of the Old Epworth Rectory. 

However, this tranquility was soon to be disrupted by a series of inexplicable events that would forever mark its history and transform the Old Epworth Rectory into an epicenter of paranormal events.

The Old Epworth Rectory and its Historical Significance

The Old Epworth Rectory is an exceptional structure that boasts both historical and architectural significance. It is situated in the heart of Epworth, Lincolnshire, and its Queen Anne-style design is a testament to the classical proportions and symmetrical façade that was popular during that era.

Beyond its architectural beauty, the Old Epworth Rectory is also renowned for its intriguing stories and histories. 

In the year 1709, a catastrophic fire ravaged the building, but it was rebuilt to its original style and grandeur, marking a new chapter in its history.

Today, the Old Epworth Rectory is a property of the British Methodist Church and serves as a meticulously maintained museum that offers visitors a unique glimpse into the past. 

Visitors can wander through its halls, marvel at its intricate architecture, and immerse themselves in the rich history and culture of the period.

Notably, the Rectory’s most captivating feature is the Old Epworth Rectory haunting, which allegedly occurred within its walls during the early 18th century. 

Scholars, chroniclers, and paranormal enthusiasts alike are fascinated and baffled by this haunting, which has become a significant part of the building’s intriguing history.

Old Rectory in Epworth
The Epworth Rectory is famous for the alleged haunting in 1716-1717. G. W. Edmondson., Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons.

The Wesley Family and the Beginnings of the Haunting

The Old Rectory in Epworth was more than just a building; it was a home to the Wesley familyReverend Samuel Wesley was at the heart of the family, a man of faith and conviction. 

The Wesley Family and Their Life in the Rectory

His wife Susanna, a woman of strength and resilience, stood by his side, managing their large family and the household. Together, they raised their 19 children within the walls of the Rectory, instilling in them the values of faith, discipline, and education.

Among their children was John Wesley, who would later become a significant figure in religious history. In fact, many believe that John’s upbringing in the Rectory played a crucial role in shaping his beliefs and principles. 

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Under the guidance of his parents, he developed a deep understanding of faith and spirituality. This foundation would later lead him to become a founder of the Methodist Church, a movement that would profoundly impact Christianity.

The Initial Paranormal Events

In 1716, the peaceful life of the Wesley family was disrupted by a series of inexplicable events. The Old Rectory, which had been a haven for the family, became the epicenter of paranormal events that would forever mark its history. 

On December 1, the children and servants began complaining about strange groans and mysterious knockings that could be heard from their rooms. They also insisted that the sound of footsteps going up and down the stairs could be heard all night. 

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But since Reverend Wesley didn’t hear any noise for almost a week, he harshly scolded the children and servants, believing they had made up stories about a ghost haunting the building.

“If there is any noise in the rectory,” he said one evening at dinner to his family, “it is undoubtedly made by the young people who wander around after sunset.” 

The reverend had four teenage daughters who already had suitors and boyfriends, and their father’s veiled sarcasm did not sit well with them. They retorted, saying they wished the ghost would knock on his door too, father!

The girls were so angry that their father didn’t believe them that they decided to chase away their fears and ignore the noises until they became so powerful that even their skeptical parent was forced to acknowledge their existence. 

And the family didn’t have to wait long for an escalation of poltergeist manifestations.

Haunting Intensifies at Old Epworth Rectory

On the second night, nine loud thumps shook the walls of the room where the reverend and his wife were sleeping. 

The cleric thought that some mischievous person had managed to sneak into the house unnoticed and was trying to scare them, so he promised to buy a dog big enough to chase away any intruder. 

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Indeed, he soon acquired a massive mastiff and brought it into the rectory. However, when the knocking was heard that night, Reverend Wesley was amazed to see his massive canine cowering in fear behind the children.

Two nights later, the poltergeist phenomena intensified once again. 

The sounds in the house became so violent that Wesley and his wife got out of bed to investigate what was happening. 

As they traversed the building, the noises seemed to play with them. Metal clinking erupted in front of them. Managing to keep their courage, the couple searched every room but found nothing suspicious.

The Epworth Rectory on Fire
The Epworth Rectory on Fire and the Rescue of John Wesley, Aged 6. Image credit: The Museum of Methodism & John Wesley’s House.

Family Observations Amidst the Haunting

After convening a family meeting to share with each other what they had learned about the unseen guest, Reverend Wesley realized, according to the observations of one of his eldest daughters, that disturbances usually occurred around ten o’clock in the evening. 

Also, the strange activity was always preceded by a “signal,” like a kind of whistling.

The noises followed a consistent pattern almost every time. They would start in the kitchen, then move to a bed, first knocking on its legs, then on the headboard, as if performing warm-up exercises. 

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After completing them, the entity could fulfill any desired caprice throughout that night.

“Why do you disturb the peace of innocent children?” Wesley asked one night, justifiably indignant as the knocks had become particularly violent. “If you have something to say, come to my room!”

As if in response to the cleric’s challenge, a knock was heard at his office door, striking it with such force that Wesley was convinced it would come off its hinges.

Vicar’s Visit and the Quest for Help

The haunting of the Old Epworth Rectory also drew the attention of the wider religious community. The Methodist evangelical, 18th-century Anglican priest, and other church leaders were intrigued by the reports of paranormal activity

Their reactions varied, with some expressing skepticism, others curiosity, and a few even offering their assistance. The haunting had transcended the confines of the Old Epworth Rectory, becoming a topic of discussion and debate within the religious community.

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And with the paranormal manifestations being more and more disturbing, Reverend Wesley decided to seek reinforcements in the battle against the “deaf and mute devil” that had invaded his rectory. Therefore, he summoned Mr. Hoole, the vicar of Hoxley, and told him the whole story.

The vicar agreed to stay overnight in the building to see if the entity dared to manifest itself in his presence. 

But the creature was not at all frightened by the vicar of Hoxley. In fact, that night the poltergeist manifestations were particularly violent, causing such chaos that the superior cleric fled in terror, leaving Wesley to confront the demon alone.

Wesley Poltergeist Old Jeffrey
The entity behind the Old Epworth Rectory Haunting was a poltergeist named “Old Jeffrey,” identified by the Wesley family, who caused various disturbances and paranormal activities in the rectory.

The Mysterious Entiry Reveals Itself

The children had overcome their initial fear of the invisible creature and had come to accept its antics as a welcome alternative to the boredom of country life. 

They began to call the bizarre guest “Old Jeffrey,” and he almost attained the status of a pet. Soon, the children noticed that he was quite sensitive.

If a visitor annoyed Old Jeffrey, claiming that the knockings had natural causes, being produced by rats, birds, or the wind, the poltergeist phenomena would suddenly intensify, quickly silencing the skeptic.

The poltergeist disturbances maintained their usual time of occurrence, around ten o’clock in the evening, until the day Mrs. Wesley remembered an ancient method of banishing evil spirits from the house. 

A large horn was needed, which had to be sounded in each of the rooms. According to the elders, the loud noises were unpleasant to malevolent spirits. 

However, the “sonic exorcism” experiment failed and resulted in the poltergeist phenomena occurring during the day.

‘Old Jeffrey’s’ Daytime Pranks and the Floating Bed

On the other hand, the children seemed almost delighted that Old Jeffrey was at their disposal for nighttime amusement and during their daytime play. 

Several witnesses claimed to have seen a bed levitating to a considerable height while Pastor Wesley’s children joyfully bounced on the floating mattress.

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The only thing that bothered the children was the rustling sound, similar to that of a cloak dragged on the floor, which Old Jeffrey had begun to make. 

One of the girls confessed to seeing the ghost of a man in a long white cloak, whose edges swept the floor. 

Other children claimed to have seen an animal resembling a badger coming out from under their beds. 

The servants swore they saw the head of a creature that appeared to be a rodent peeking at them from a crack near the fireplace.

Abrupt End of the Haunting

Then, just when the Wesley family had become accustomed to the bizarre visitor, the incidents suddenly ceased, as abruptly as they had begun. 

Old Jeffrey never returned to haunt the Old Epworth Rectory, but the memory of the disturbances caused there continued to puzzle paranormal researchers for over two centuries.

The haunting of the Old Epworth Rectory has left an indelible mark on the annals of paranormal history. It stands among the best-known English poltergeist claims, its story retold and analyzed by scholars, historians, and paranormal enthusiasts alike. 

The haunting’s enduring fascination lies not only in its intensity and duration but also in its rich historical context. 

The Old Epworth Rectory, with its storied past and architectural grandeur, serves as the perfect backdrop for this chilling tale.

The haunting also profoundly impacted the Wesley family and the Wesley tradition. It shaped their lives and beliefs, influencing their understanding of the spiritual world. 

The experiences of the Wesley family, particularly those of John Wesley, played a significant role in the development of Methodism. The haunting, in many ways, became a part of the Wesley legacy, its echoes resonating through the generations.