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About Razvan

Razvan is an adventurer, journalist, and a recognizable figure in the realms of cryptozoology and paranormal investigations.

With a distinguished Bachelor of Science in Animal Sciences at Wageningen University and Research Centre, he possesses a profound understanding of animal behavior, genetics, and nutrition, which are some relevant skills in the field of paranormal investigations.

Eager to delve deeper into the enigmatic unknown, Razvan expanded his expertise by undertaking courses at the esteemed University College Cork’s Mythology & Folklore (Online) MA program.

This immersive experience broadened his knowledge of diverse societie’s histories, cultures, and traditions, illuminating how they intertwine with cryptid sightings, beliefs in spirits and ghosts, and the apparition of many paranormal myths on a global scale.

Today, he is a highly passionate paranormal investigator, accomplished freelance journalist, and founder of Erchon Media, which manages multiple niche blogs.

With an impressive decade-long presence in this enthralling niche, Razvan’s expertise and captivating insights have earned him appearances in several paranormal documentaries, solidifying his status as a trusted figure in the field.

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